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There's always an imbalance with actors and actresses in the industry.

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And I think because there are just fewer movies overall being made, it's that trickle down effect. Michelle Pfeiffer. Down Think Movies Always. I took the role of Rochelle in 'Everybody Hates Chris,' and that was it. I was going to play mother roles all the time. Once you do one mother role, it's always a trickle down effect. Tichina Arnold. Mother Time You Down. The profoundest thoughts of the philosophers have something trickle about them.

A lot disappears in order for something to suddenly appear in the palm of the hand. Elias Canetti. Thoughts Something Palm Hand. It's not trickle down economics. The problem that the president has is that he's rudderless on the economy.

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I mean, he doesn't quite know what to do. It's a wake-up on Monday and try to figure it out. It takes time to turn a supertanker, so you need to know where you need to go. John Kasich. Time You Down Economics. The benefits of globalization do not trickle down automatically. It takes politics to make sure that there is a benefit.

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Margrethe Vestager. Politics Down Globalization Make. I came from a family of extremely old money, and so by the time I was born, there was really just a trickle of money left. Kevin Kwan.

Family Time Money Born. I grew up in a deeply Catholic home. Our parents always encouraged us to march to our own drums, though, so some of us are still Catholic and some are not. That's always going to be a part of me though; little bits of it trickle into my work. Whether it's an embrace or a rejection, I'm not always sure, but I can't avoid it.

David Lowery. Work Me Home Parents. Wealth does not trickle down to the poor. Poor people have always known this.

People World Down Poor. The GOP's policies are not designed to help the middle class. They are designed to help their wealthy, powerful friends and donors under the misguided idea that wealth will one day trickle down. David Brock.

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Day Friends Down Powerful. I always had this non-stop drive. I had to keep sending stories out and every once in awhile I'd get something accepted or get the little trickle of positive feedback. Kevin J. Positive Drive Always Something.

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Please to put a nickel, please to put a dime. How petitions trickle in at Christmas time! Phyllis McGinley. Time Christmas How Please Dime.

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  7. I have to tell you, I'm not like Demi Moore, where the tears trickle prettily down my cheeks. My whole face screws up and it's like, 'Oh please, get a room. You Face Tears Down. Pope Francis emphatically does not buy the argument that poverty can be alleviated by the 'trickle down' effects of wealth creation. He is deaf to arguments that the global economy has brought a billion people out of poverty.

    He is convinced, in short, that the best and only way to expel poverty is fairer distribution of the world's goods. John Cornwell. Best People World Poverty. Simply put, reaching the right people at the right time with the right message. Preparation is key and data is the key chain. All our audience analysis are done on-demand: freshly squeezed data juice, tailor made to you and your audience, through an elaborate data mining process combining several audience intelligence databases. Why act on anything less than a truthful, diverse audience insight? Sick of your Facebook feed?

    Are your Google searches too cluttered? Well, too much existing distribution is trying too hard to disrupt customers. We believe in finding key moments and planning for those to achieve maximum effect. We call this story planning, the tool to master the mix of message, channels, precision and timing. Planning to be relevant with your content when your audience is most likely to relate to it and not letting your content rely on coincidences. Less disrupting, more fitting in as a natural part of the customer journey. Greasing elbows and doing the legwork is nothing short of necessary to deliver astounding results.

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